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Blogmosaic in Retrospect: Ten Standout Posts from 2010

December 30, 2010
  • Photo by Frontal Q. Parks. Some rights reserved.

    Raciest IPO: In IPO Unplugged, we covered the initial public offering of Audience Productions, Inc., submitted in October 2009 to raise production funds for a feature film to be called “Lydia Slotnick Unplugged.”  Check out highlights from the screenplay (or read it in its entirety—it is included as one of the filing’s exhibits!)

  • Best/Worst Pun: Chile today, hot tamale? looks at an offering from the Republic of Chile: $3 billion in non-convertible debt.
  • Friskiest Law Firm Memo: Love Among the Cubicles highlights a memo issued by attorneys at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP that discusses workplace romance.  References to NBC’s long-running show, The Office, help illustrate this post’s thesis.
  • Most Opulent Subject Matter: (Gross) Point Blank examines a former CEO’s transgressions, which include spending company money on pornography for his son, plastic surgery for his wife, and a $100,000 American-flag belt buckle encrusted with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.
  • Most Self-aware: A Streak Ends makes tribute to the 84 consecutive business days that saw a new post added to this blog.
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