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Knowledge Mosaic, We’ve Got the Power

December 20, 2010

Photo by Alan Pitkethley. Some rights reserved.

Whether you’ve been a knowledgemosaic user for a few months or several years, you are probably familiar with our securitiesoriented datasets.  But did you know we’ve been serving those focused on energy law for nearly as long?

Here are just three ways we’ve been catering to energy attorneys since 2005:

  • OuDaily Energy News email provides the latest news stories, judicial opinions, pending energy legislation, FERC rulemaking actions and more. This, coupled with The Green Mien, our environmental- and energy-focused blog, provides you with everything you need to stay up to date on changes and remain ahead of the curve for emerging trends.
  • On knowledgemosaic’s Agency Materials page we provide text and category searching across memoranda, orders, papers, releases, speeches and more from the EPA, FERC and NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). This provides not only specific information relevant to your work but the ability to view issues more broadly across multiple agencies.
  • With over 4,800 memos from energy attorneys at North America’s largest firms and several thousand more covering everything from environmental to land use issues our Law Firm Memos page makes it easy to see what experts are saying about changes and trends while providing your firm with a unique marketing opportunity.

Visit our website or contact us to find out more.

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