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IE8 and the Back Button Issue

November 18, 2010

If you use Internet Explorer version 8 — and thousands of our users do — this is for you.

The back button on the IE8 browser doesn’t always play nice with the website it is displaying.  More to the point: in certain situations, it simply doesn’t work.  You can see how widespread the problem is by simply googling “IE8 back button” — you don’t even need to include language like “bug” or “not working.”   No comparable issues on Firefox, Chrome, or earlier versions of IE.  But if you’re running IE8, that is cold comfort.

Photo by Amanda Tetrault. Some rights reserved.

Alas, the issue affects navigation between results view and document on the Knowledge Mosaic SEC Filings page.  And for a time it even interfered with own back link (as opposed to the browser’s back button).  Our engineers have corrected that problem, so please do use our back link instead of the IE8 back button.

Another option is to open your documents in a new tab by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking.  This not only circumvents the back button issue, but has the added benefit of allowing you to open multiple documents at a time while keeping your results page open.


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