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Something Fishy at G-20 Summit

November 12, 2010


Photo by Benson Kua. Some rights reserved.

Leaders of the Group of 20 have been meeting this week in Seoul, South Korea. The New York Times reports that today they agreed to cut back “persistently large imbalances” in government spending, but will wait until next year to figure out what to do next.


Perhaps the only decision that has been reached at the G-20 summit came not from the world leaders themselves but from the security forces they require: six goldfish have been put to work testing the drinking and drainage water at the host complex, an aquatic take on the more proverbial canary in a coal mine.   But even this decision is not without conflict, as PETA is protesting the potential martyrdom of said goldfish.  And then there is the argument of efficiency: as PETA vice president Tracy Reiman points out, “the fish cannot tell you specifically what might be wrong with the water.”

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