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Time to Fly?

November 9, 2010

Misguided  security measures confronted this blogger when an innocent jar of apple butter, purchased in the Hudson Valley of New York State, was

Photo by Storem. Some rights reserved.

apprehended and thrown away in the Atlanta airport this very morning.  And though it’s nothing new to complain about the hassle of airport security measures,The New York Times reported yesterday, that the Transportation and Security Administration is embroiled in a whole new argument regarding its upcoming protocol, which includes replacing metal detectors with body scans and “more invasive pat-downs, which have set off complaints about disrespectful treatment.”

Airlines and travel associations wonder if the ever-increasing hassle of getting on an airplane will discourage people from traveling by air within or to the United States—as though airlines didn’t already have enough on their plates. Though the TSA argues that security measures are an unavoidable part of keeping travel safe, executive vice president  of the US Travel Association Geoff Freeman states that the system “is broken, it’s extremely flawed, and it’s absurd that we all sit back and say we can’t do anything about it.”

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