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Our Guide to the SEC Form Types

November 8, 2010

NTN 10Q/A.  DEF13E3.  SC14D9C/A.  Huh?  C3PO?  R2D2?  CUL8r!

Photo by Rand Pederson. Some rights reserved.

For years, we’ve helped our users disentangle the perplexity (the phrase is Samuel Johnson’s)  of the SEC form types by corralling the more prominent ones into designated “Form Groups,” which bear names that look more like English and less like a secret code. We’ve also offered up the SEC’s own EDGAR forms description PDF — though that document runs the gamut in value from indispensable to frustrating waste of time. The latter usually involves circular definitions:  e.g., form 424B5 defined as “Prospectus filed pursuant to Rule 424(b)(5).”

Seeing the need for a more helpful crib sheet for the most commonly used SEC Forms, we created our own SEC Forms Guide.  This resource debuted in May, and has become one of our most requested documents.   Not sure about the difference between a 10-12b and a 10-12g? Check out our guide, and you’ll be among the enlightened.

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