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A Streak Ends

November 4, 2010

Blogmosaic debuted earlier this year on Tuesday, June 22 — coincidentally, the first full day of summer. Through Tuesday of this week, we had posted at least once a day every business day, a streak of 84 consecutive days.  (We actually had a number of weekend posts as well, which are not included in that total).  We published 218 posts during this period, an average of about 2.6 per day.  Joe Dimaggio would be proud.

Photo by Chris Hitt

The streak ended yesterday.   Two of our bloggers, Peter Schwartz and Julia Wentzel, have been on the road training Knowledge Mosaic users.   As for me, left holding down the fort, I’ve been, well, busy.

Oh, and then there’s the fact of the weather.  Yesterday in Seattle, amidst sunshine-dappled autumn leaves and cerulean blue skies, the official high temperature was 74 degrees.

Now, this isn’t supposed to happen here, in the remote temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest, in November.  Such rare events have a certain magic to them, like a lunar eclipse or a meteor shower.  They create a festive and holiday-like mood that is anathema to staring at pixels on a computer monitor.  Consider these facts:

  • On June 22, the day of the first blogmosaic posting, the official high in Seattle was also 74 degrees.
  • The last business day we had no blogmosaic posting, June 21, topped out at only 63.
  • From June 22 to September 22 — that’s the official summer season — we recorded 61 days in Seattle that fell short of yesterday’s high temperature.

Again, I don’t attribute yesterday’s lapse to the beautiful, summer-like weather.  It’s not as if we closed the office early and went home.  It’s just that for a Wednesday in the otherwise dreary month of November, yesterday was a pretty unique day.

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