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Trick-or-tREIT: Tricks for your REIT Research

October 19, 2010

It is Halloween season, but don’t be scared!  Keep these tips in hand to make your next encounter with a REIT project less daunting.

– The SIC code for Real Estate Investment Trusts is 6798, a good way to identify REITs for most searches on the SEC Filings page..  However, a company’s first filing will sometimes not have a searchable SIC code because it has not yet been assigned or approved by the SEC (only about half do).  But lucky for us, REITs have their own registration statement, the S-11, so we have another way to find them.

Photo by Lobo 235. Some rights reserved.

– Look for SEC claims or enforcement against REITs on our Agency Materials search page by limiting to Agency: SEC, Dataset Category: Enforcement, text: REIT.  Also identify REITs that are being/have been investigated by the SEC on our Investigation Disclosures search page with text: REIT.

– Read about REITs on our Law Firm Memos page by searching on the text REIT or REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts.

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