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What’s Your Dream?

October 6, 2010

Photo by Brenda. Some rights reserved.

The IPOs that often have the most interesting human story to tell tend to be self-underwritten offerings by “development stage companies”: that is, real people with big ideas and a little gumption, but with limited financial resources. Each IPO, whether ultimately successful or not, represents another chapter in the pursuit of the American Dream.

One such example comes to us this week in the form of the S-1 filed by Original Source Entertainment, Inc., a startup based in Littleton, Colorado.  The business plan: to “review hundreds of music tracks written, produced, and performed by unsigned artists, then to contract those songs with the highest quality and potential for placement in television and film.” One imagines roving talent scouts scouring nightclubs and other music venues for undiscovered talent, then giving those artists their first big break  — who wouldn’t want that job?

As the filing recounts, the company’s co-founder brings to the table 27 years of experience in the entertainment industry, including gigs as a radio DJ, department store model, and producer of a radio program for kids (“Bedtime Stories with Aunt Clara”). But perhaps her most impressive credential is her role as an extra in the movie “Footloose.”

Yes, you gotta love this country.

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