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Punctually Punctuational

September 24, 2010

Image by Trojan. Some rights reserved.

Today is the seventh annual National Punctuation Day!  We’re unsure why exactly this holiday was founded—maybe it’s society’s answer to YouTube comment sections.  We here at blogmosaic do our best to use punctuation correctly all the time; for everyone else, feel free to celebrate by submitting a punctuation-related haiku.  A selection of entries from the website:

“Which colon to use?
Colon or semi-colon?
I’ll use a comma [emphasis added].

Exclamation points.
Some people just love to shout
In print and in speech.”

There are thirteen punctuation marks in the English language.  Can you name them all?

(Hint: all thirteen will have been used by the end of this post…)

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