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IPO of the Day: Leave Your Money Under the Pillow

September 21, 2010

"Tooth-brush" by get directly down. Some rights reserved.

Over the years, toothbrush designers have marshaled increasingly advanced technologies, from electricity to high frequency modulation to ultrasound. So the latest invention from Crown Dynamics Corp. is a bit of a throwback. The start-up is seeking $75,000 in this self-underwritten offer to cash in on a new, patented design for a mechanical toothbrush.

As this morning’s S-1 explains, the new toothbrush has “a handle and a brush head, the brush head comprising two side[s], and one central bristle tuft bundles, each mounted to a respective separate base, each of the side bases being mounted to the brush head by an elongated, flexible hinge extending in the axial direction of the handle, and the central base being connected to the bases of the side bundles with hinges, so that under a force applied against the central bristles tuft, the bases of the side bundles pivot one in the direction of the other, and resume their initial position when the central bundle is relieved from said force.”

If the current venture doesn’t succeed (and its auditors have declared its status as a going concern), one wonders whether they’ll be back with a new, patented design for a car wash.

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