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PAX Americana

September 3, 2010

Today kicks off PAX, a three-day video game festival in downtown Seattle.  Featured panel topics include Rock Band 3 Design Q&A Free-for-all!, where fans can ask last-minute questions about the newest release; Star Wars Games – REVEALED!, for an in-depth look at LucasArts’ latest efforts; and The Myth of the Gamer Girl: True Demographic or Anthropological Hooha? And then there’s the Omegathon, a tournament that takes place over the course of the long weekend, in which 20 “Omeganauts” play a lot of video games.  Don’t laugh too loudly – last year’s winner received an all expenses paid trip to Tokyo.

Incidentally, the word “nerd” appears in 79 of our filings, though most of the time it isn’t as fun as you’d think.  The word “geek,” however, is in a remarkable 709 filings, and is almost always as fun as you’d think.

To learn about the future of nerds and geeks all across America, and for insight on recent action concerning internet service providers,  search “net neutrality” on our Law Firm Memos page

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