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Get Your Dodd-Frank Fix with these Six

September 2, 2010

Here are six thorny questions that can be untangled with searches on Knowledge Mosaic:

1)  What’s Congress been up to in response to Dodd-Frank since it was signed into law?

Search pageFederal Fundamentals
Text: “Dodd Frank”
Source:  Bills & Legislation, Current Congress
Date range: 7/21/2010 to present
(10 results)

2)  What final rules have been adopted by federal agencies so far in response to Dodd-Frank?

Search pageFederal Fundamentals
Text: “Dodd Frank” “Action: Final Rule”
Source: Federal Register
(4 results)

3)  How are public company filers in the Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate industries disclosing risk in the context of Dodd-Frank?

Search page: Risk Factors
Text:  “Dodd Frank”
SIC code:  6000~6999
(87 results)

4)  What are the pundits saying about executive compensation provisions in Dodd-Frank?

Search pageNews & Spotlight Archive
Publication: Blogwatch
Text:  “Dodd Frank” and “executive compensation”
(15 results)

5)  What is the general public — especially broker-dealers themselves — telling the SEC about Dodd-Frank’s new rules for broker-dealers?

Search pageAgency Materials
Dataset:  SEC Comments on Rulemaking
Text:  “Dodd Frank” “broker-dealer”
(76 results)

6) What have legal experts had to say about the impact of the Volcker rule in Dodd-Frank?

Search pageLaw Firm Memos
Text:  “Dodd Frank” and “Volcker rule”
(28 results)

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