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Republican Party Politics is No Tea Party

August 4, 2010

Mother Jones offers up one of the hotter stories of the week – Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty – a chronicle of the vivisection by the Tea Party of staunch Republican and rock-solid conservative congressman, Robert Inglis.

Pummelled in his South Carolina primary earlier this year (after serving in Washington for six terms), Inglis delivers an insider’s perspective on Tea Party zealots – who, with their rants on Obama’s socialism, communism, foreignism, islamism, blackism, bankism, and jewism – betray a creepily deranged incapacity to filter and process information the way normal people do.

As for Sarah Palin? According to Inglis, she merely represents the celebration of ignorance.

However, these are not the central points of the story. Inglis believes that John Boehner and other Republican Party leaders who have embraced the basest instincts of the Republican Party by tolerating, and even embracing, Tea Party wingnuts, are “the dog that catches the car.” Firmly Republican districts may swing further to the right in this November’s election. Lacking any serious ideas and any institution-building and coalition-building skills, however, the Tea Party is doomed to self-destruct, particularly if the economy improves (but probably even if it does not). If so, the Democrats will feast in 2012.


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