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Love Among the Cubicles

August 4, 2010

Love – like crabgrass – can bloom anywhere. And when, as in The Office, hormonally infused men and women work together in physically close proximity for hours each day, the workplace becomes a major incubator of lust and love.  And when love – like crabgrass – fades and the subtle enticing aromas that draw us to it diminish, the bitter aftertaste it produces can poison the workplace for all involved.

In a delightfully clear and concise memo, attorneys at Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP discuss the life-cycle of workplace romance. Citing a survey that indicate half of all employees carry a torch for a fellow employee and half would consider a workplace romance,  Stradley Employment & Labor Law attorneys enumerate the options available to employers when love – as it invariably will – erupts, and then tell us how to minimize the collateral damage when it disintegrates.

What I like best about this memo is its nonjudgmental and practical tone. As its authors point out, even Barack and Michelle Obama met in the workplace. He was a summer associate. She was his supervisor!


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