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Divorce American style?

July 26, 2010

Some divorces are amicable.  Others are a swirling cesspool of secrets, lies, acrimony, betrayal, and revenge.   Where did the divorce of Karen Kaiser and David Zilkha stand on this continuum?  We don’t know, but what we do know is that Kaiser found herself in a very interesting position late in 2008, when she discovered damning evidence against her ex-husband in the form of emails stored on the couple’s hard drive.   She ended up reporting what she had found, leading to an indictment against Zilkha and his co-defendant Arthur Samberg on charges of insider trading.  The defendants ended up settling out of court for $28 million.

We also can’t speculate on how Kaiser must have felt when she found the incriminating emails, or what finally motivated her to turn them in.  Did she experience the decision as a moral conundrum?  As an unbelievably fortuitous opportunity to get back at the bastard?   Or just a chance to make a boatload of money?   Whatever her feelings, she did get paid, as the SEC announced Friday.   Her “bounty” for blowing the whistle on her ex was a cool $1 million.

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