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The other Mosaic

July 23, 2010

In-house, we at Knowledge Mosaic typically refer to ourselves as simply “KM.”   But for our users and the general public, the shorthand version of our name tends to be  “Mosaic.”   Fair enough, especially since Knowledge Mosaic used to be called Securities Mosaic, has provided platforms called Energy Mosaic and Communications Mosaic, issued a newsletter called Wired Mosaic, and has a blog called — well, you get the idea.

“Mosaic” is also the name by which a corporation called The Mosaic Company refers to itself in its 10-K Annual Report, filed this morning.   As it mentions in that filing, The Mosaic Company is in the business of providing fertilizer to the global agriculture industry. So the name similarity is a red herring: our two companies could hardly be more different.

Or could they?  After all, a big part of what The Mosaic Company does (as we read in today’s 10-K) is mining and extracting–scouring the earth for phosphate and potash.   Knowledge Mosaic, meanwhile, offers a platform for the mining and extraction of data from among millions of documents.    So maybe the two “Mosaics” actually exist as parallel but inverse versions of one another, doppelgangers from different, alternate universes.

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