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Spiders and Monkeys and Whales, Oh My!

July 21, 2010

Bone up on your zoology, because these days the headlines are chock-full of strange animal encounters:

It all started when a cargo ship docking in Guam was revealed to be full of thousands of spiders.  The ship has been turned away in an effort to protect Guam’s fragile island ecology.

Then a man who had flown from Peru to Mexico City was apprehended for trying to smuggle eighteen titi monkeys into the country – under his shirt.   It is interesting to note that it was his markedly nervous facial expressions, not the score of monkeys tied about his person, that led to his arrest.

And finally, in a story almost worthy of Jonah, a whale off the coast of South Africa was breaching when it crashed directly into a yacht.  The mast was broken in two; witnesses say the sea was spotted with blubber, but the whale appeared to be in stable condition.

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