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Chile today, hot tamale?

July 20, 2010

Form type S-B, a.k.a. the Registration Statement under Schedule B of the Securities Act of 1933, is what foreign governments and their subdivisions file when they seek to raise cash by selling debt securities and warrants in the U.S.  Earlier today, the Republic of Chile filed with the SEC an Amendment No. 2 to its S-B originally submitted on June 15.

Chile is offering $3 billion in non-convertible debt.   But there is a lot of interesting stuff in this filing that has nothing to do with securities.  Chile’s form S-B also offers a fascinating look at its history, culture, and politics.  It offers, for instance, an update on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck that nation on February 27, 2010; as well as the current government’s perspective on the 1973 revolution led by General Pinochet.  From this filing, you can also discover that Chile has an ongoing “boundary dispute” with Argentina over an ice field in Southern Patagonia called Campo de Hielo Sur; and that Chile’s literacy rate is 95.7%.

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