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Found Poetry from the SEC EDGAR Filings

July 5, 2010

Christopher Hitt is our resident poet. In the next post, he offers a bit of found poetry from the SEC EDGAR Filings. For a general definition of found poetry, here is Wikipedia.  Christopher’s four rules for SEC EDGAR found poetry are:

1)  The source of the text must be the SEC EDGAR filings.  As with all found poetry, no external words (or even punctuation) may be superadded.

2)  Only complete sentences or independent clauses (phrases that could, grammatically, stand alone as complete sentences) may be extracted from the original text.  To extract and stitch together single words or phrases into a new sentence would be cheating.  An exception is made for poem titles (which also must come from the filings).

3)  It is acceptable to shuffle the order of the sentences as they appear in the filing.   However, it is preferable to keep them in their original sequence.

4)  The poem’s source must be cited.


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