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Keep Current Must Reads

June 24, 2010

From Keep Current on knowledgemosaic.

  • Economic Outlook from the FOMC – The Federal Reserve Board Open Market Committee reiterated the fragile nature of the economic recovery, with low risk of inflation, leading to the likelihood that the target for the Fed Funds rate remaining between 0 and 1/4 percent.
  • M&A Activity on the Rise – Dealbook reports that 57 percent of surveyed companies expect to make acquisitions in the coming months, nearly double the percentage of companies that were so inclined when surveyed back in November 2009.
  • Financial Reform Conference Committee Update – The always prescient David Zaring breaks down the current status of the conference committee scrum on the Financial Reform bill.
  • Derivatives Trading Regulation – CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler comments on the status of the Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act of 2010, with particularly zealous and pointed attention to to the need for comprehensive regulation of OTC derivatives trading. In an editorial, the New York Times agrees.
  • Skilling v. United States – SCOTUS narrowed the scope of prosecutorial discretion in the application of the “honest services” law in alleged cases of corporate fraud and corruption. This sends the conviction of former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, back to the lower courts. In a related opinion, the Court denied Skilling’s claim that he did not receive a fair trial in Houston.
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